“Hi! Thank you for reading me. I should be happy to be here, though I can’t help feeling confused. I like the way your eyes are traveling over me. Because I’m here to serve you. Even though I’m not sure what that means. I don’t even know what I am these days--isn’t that a pity? I’m a concoction of signs; I long to be seen, but then I lose my nerve. Would I be better off hiding myself away in the shadows, far away, protected from all eyes? That’s what I can’t decide. I’m making such a big effort here, even with all these worries, strangely. Here’s what I want you to understand: This kind of exposition is new to me. I’ve never existed in quite this way. In the old days, we were more to one side. I’d like to remind you--quietly, the way I did in the old days--how nice it was to exist for you without your even knowing it. I’m not really sure that this can ever really happen again, though. Because the real problem is this: I tend to think I’m a picture, when really all I am is words. Because when I’m letters, I think I’m a picture, and when I’m a picture I think I’m letters. But this is not out of ambivalence--this is my life.”
Orhan Pamuk, Other Colors 

Welcome to Make-Do Visibles.
Look around the site, where you’ll see samples of the work I do. 
Much of the work shown here is for sale; 
I also do custom work and consultations.
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Dirk van Wyk


Practicing Artist since 1970:     
        Mixed Media Drawings; Private Commissions; Commercial Work; Murals; Solo and Group Exhibitions

        American University of Sharjah; University of Calgary; Workshops, Courses, Curriculum Design

        Books; Illustrations

        Director, Curator, Member of Professional Associations, Review Committees, and all-round nice person

Individual viewing and/or consultation by appointment.

Dirk van Wyk
phone: 403-283-7665

Dirk van Wyk
Calgary, Alberta, Canada