GRAPHICS Ex Libris Design
Pencil and Ink on Paper
8.5” x 6” (for reduced printing) Self-titled Calligraphy
Acrylic on Paper
20” x 26” Page from 8-page self-portrait (book)
Mixed Media on Paper
22” x 32”
Calligraphy Design
Mixed Media on Paper
13” x 10” Language and Perception
Hand-made open-hinged zig-zag book
Mixed Media on Paper
22” x 19”
This is a sampling of the work available. Contact me to visit the studio to see a more complete selection, or to arrange a purchase or commission.

Dirk van Wyk
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
phone: 403-283-7665mailto:dirk@makedovisibles.comshapeimage_9_link_0